Dwight Hatch


I started my photography journey while spending the summer at my brother’s apartment in Hyannis, MA. My brother sent me out to shoot a roll of TRI-X black and white film with his old EXA camera, and we would develop the film when I got home. That was a special day and it fueled my passion for photography. I played around with the polaroid instamatics, but for my High School graduation I received my first 35mm camera, then things got serious. A Pentax K1000. I was able to shoot photos for the yearbook during our senior year. Several of my classmates ask me to shoot their informal’s and I even shot two weddings with this camera.
From there I built my own darkroom and took a class at a community college to learn more about photography and post processing.

Many years and cameras later…

By capturing images of my daughter's and son’s first steps, to the dance recitals and sporting events; my photography continued to grow. I started to include photography in every aspect of my life, vacation photos, family picnics, and even shooting my favorite racecar drivers at Stafford Speedway!
For me, the image from the camera is just the starting point. I used the darkroom and now, what some call the digital darkroom to process the images and process them in a way that matches my vision for the image.


I also do commission work for home and business owners wanting more professional/painterly images of their home or business.